Math Monday: Daily Math Review

Hello friends. I've missed my little blogging addiction but I have been SO BUSY!  Preaching to the choir right?  It's that time of year! 

I didn't have my Morning Word Work ready this morning (I'm out...last week and all).  I also didn't have my Daily Math Review copied and ready to go (I'm lazy...last week and all).  I'll tell you what my kiddos RELY on these routines to keep them going!  Note to self....keep ALL routines in place right up to the very last second of school!

At the beginning of last year I started work on some daily math review pages.  I made one quarter and then it just sat.  I have another set (you know from a book...) that I have always relied on. However, they are not aligned to the CCSS so they are a bit OLD and review skills that my kiddos pass by in August/September.  Seriously!  I came up with these and used them until they ran out.  Then I went back to my good ol' stand by cause I was out of steam. 

I've had great feedback from this one unit in my store and some requests to make the other quarters.  So I got a little motivated this weekend (shocker right?) and finished up quarter 2.  I'm excited about these but a little sad too.  I'll be teaching Kinder next year so my friends will benefit from these but I will not.  Sigh.

I've upped the rigor on the second quarter pages too.  My first sets were pretty simple but it's a good way to train the kiddos. 

Here is a sample of quarter 2. 

I've also included joining story problems with the unknown in all positions.  It would be my focus if I was teaching first (sniff, sniff). 3rd quarter will include all subtraction problems.   I plan on including compare problems and a good mix of all the rest in the 4th quarter.  Problem solving every day is so important!

So if you would like to take a peek at these they are available in my store now and I've put them 50% off for the first 24 hours (or so...)  They might just stay that way if I forget to go change it!
 I'm excited to get the rest of these done so I can focus on some Kinder Math Review this summer.  I have a lot of prepping to do before I plunge back into that end of the pool!