Five for Friday.......late edition

Yesterday was the last day of school, hence the late Five for Friday.  Plus I got the added bonus of the stomach flu on the last day, yeah me!  I laid on the couch all day and felt sorry for myself so I think I'm all good now.  My husband says if he gets it he's going to kill me, so if I disappear you know where to look.
Before I came home and crashed I did have a good end of my year.  I'm going to miss these little buggers.  Here's some of the fun we had this week: 
We got to finish up our last project for balance and motion (this was actually last week!)  I always finish it up with the pencil trick.  Students get a wire and a clothes pin and that's it!  No directions except for this, "Balance the pencil on it's tip on the edge of the balancing stick".  They have to figure out how to use the clothes pin as a counter balance.  It usually takes about 20 minutes before anyone "gets" it, but as soon as they see they all can give it a try.  It's my FAVORITE science lesson because it really stretches their brain!

 We had field day on Wednesday and one cutie drew a picture of me squirting her on the water slide.  That's literally my job.  Squirt every kid coming down the water slide.  Awesome!
We had some fun art this week.  I already shared these  earlier in the week but here are a few more.  Ideas courtesy of Deep Space Sparkle. 

I also included the recipe for this fun stuff earlier this week.  Check out my post here!
I'm stealing this one from Doodle Bugs Teaching!  I'm on summer break starting right now!  Now if my tummy would just cooperate I could do a little celebrating!  

Happy summer to you and if you aren't quite out yet....hang in there!