Currently May!

Happy May Day!  I had to explain to my daughter it really is a thing.  She didn't believe me so she asked Siri.  Seriously, I've been replaced by a smart phone!

Well with May Day comes the newest installment of currently. Link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!  

Here we go!

Listening: To DVR'd episodes of Jimmy Fallon.  It's usually what's playing at my house in the afternoon....unless it's Day of Our Lives :)

Loving:  My little firsties.  I love this time of year because they are so independent.  I'm heading off into the first grade sunset this year and going to Kinder next year.  I can't wait for a new group of cute little Kinders but the thought of tying shoes the whole year scares me just a little!

Thinking: Sometimes you just need a smack in the face to realize that no matter what stress life brings the most important things aren't things at all they are the people in your life.  My husband reminded me of that this week.  No, he didn't smack me in the face....he just said something sweet that reminded me why I love him. He knows how to talk me off the ledge!

Wanting:  I am so excited that tomorrow is a work day.  I am going to get my life (yes, my closet) in order tomorrow!

Needing:  A week to sit down and create!  I think I have an addiction.