Currently April! No joke!

No foolin' it's time for April currently!

Link up with the amazing Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.  

Listening: I'm catching up on the finale of How I Met Your Mother.  Totally crying during a comedy. 
Loving: Today we had the usual little pranks, but they were all pretty harmless.  This one was my favorite.  One little cutie was all smiles as she left this on my desk this morning. 
It had 2 empty candy wrappers in the bottom.  She knows how to play up a prank! 

Thinking:  Summer, summer, summer! 

Wanting: A Boogie Board. I've been talking back and forth with a few teachers on IG and FB and now I think I need to try one out for myself.  Motivational center?  I think it's a must have!

Needing: The wind to stop! Hurricane. Force. Winds.  Seriously!  I have very long hair, this makes for a frustrating day when it is windy not to mention the effects it has on the kids.  Thankfully I haven't had recess duty yet this week, hoping it slows down by Thursday!

Hours and Last Day:  We show up at 7:30 (earlier on meeting days) and get out at 3:30.  The kiddos are there from 8:00-2:30.  3 days a week I do an extra 45 minutes of tutoring so on most days I am there until 4:30 (atleast).  Gotta get it all done!

My last day is the 23rd of May.  Please remember that we start the 1st of August when you think it's early!  :) 

Thanks for checking out my Currently.  I'm off to post and follow the rule of 3! :)