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Math Monday: Math Stations

I don't know if I have ever felt so wonderful about math.  I love our math routine and how it is going this year. 
We LOVE math stations in our room!
I love that we are problem solving, exploring, and practicing math skills every day.
It is math at it's best!

This week we are working on Math Stations from Katie King's Sporty Math Stations.  This was the set of math stations I bought last year that made me "see the light".  We use Investigations in our district and I teach the lessons from the program.  However, the games get a little boring.  And they repeat.....over and over all year long. So I use Investigations to stay on track with our district pacing guide and I supplement my math time with math stations.  I also add in a huge dose of problem solving using math journals.  Here are a few highlights from today....

One of my stations this week is iPods.  I give them the choice of 3 or so math apps they can practice math facts on. 
 Telling time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour.
Double digit addition WITH regrouping!  My kiddos are so ready for this! 

So that's math stations this week.  Actually, a few days last week.  The thing that I love about my rotations is that they don't switch over on Monday.  That way I don't have to do any planning for math over the weekend and I can plan out my stations during my planning time during the week.  It breaks up the overload of lesson planning for me PLUS I do a better job planning new centers when I am in the thick of things during the week.  Call me crazy!

Quick bit of fun from the weekend.  I was exhausted at school today because we had a back and forth to the "city" kind of weekend.  
We spent a lot of time on the road 
but it was worth it. 
 Love my family!

See you tomorrow for tech Tuesday, I have something fun to share!