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Five for Friday: What's up in First Grade!

I feel like this week was a jumping off point for my firsties to become big ol' grown up 2nd graders.  
There is no cute nick name for 2nd graders.....
that's why I teach first grade :) 

Anywhooooo, they were so independent this week.  
Writing, math, reading...they are just doing it all on their own!  
It was almost like I wasn't there. 

So here is my Five for Friday of Independence and what's up in first grade!

So my theme is independence this week.  
Here we go with reading....
 I couldn't PEEL this guy away from this book this week.  He got it at the book fair on Monday and he read it all week long!  I think he's gone through it atleast twice.  If I let him sit on this chair and read all day every day he would be a happy camper :)
 I caught this little guy reading his partner reading passage for extra practice during Read to Self time.  He's trying to increase his Oral Reading Fluency score! 
 Happy teacher!
 My small groups LOVE reading around the circle and taking turns (even though my reading specialist 
classes told me to NEVER do this!).  
They love taking turns and listening to each other read!
 If Pete the Cat was a real person, I would send him a big basket of wonderful goodies to thank him for making kiddos love reading.  They love these books so much.  This book box is always empty!
 We know students that are hard workers, and this kiddo is mine.  He works SO HARD during Read to Self time every day.  No fooling around, no horse play, no staring into space......he just reads.....the whole time.  
I caught him reading during free choice today.  
<3 him!
This is the reason I love teaching......isn't she just darling?  She is in love with reading and gets so comfy with a book within minutes during Read to Self.  I couldn't help but snap a pic when I saw her propped up on her book like this!

We were just as independent in math too!  I am in LOVE with my new math routine!  We do a quick spiral review (5 questions), play with the number of the day (we are up to 131), and then solve a problem in our journals (the CORE of my teaching).  When they are done they head off to math stations.  This week (and last) we have been working on my March Madness Math Stations. 
  It's been so great to spend one on one time with kiddos that need it and send others off to explore just how far they can go in math!
Here are some groups working on math stations.  I organized my groups a few weeks ago to "assign" them to a station.  It's been like magic.  I feel so much better about my math stations now!  They all know what they are supposed to be doing and they have a group to turn to if they need help.  No more wandering and wondering!

 A lot of our stations focused on true or false equations today.  I just finished up my March Madness Math Stations and I am happy to report they were all a big hit!  This is my favorite project I have finished lately!
These kiddos met together to work on their station.  I didn't direct, I didn't give them a place to meet.....they just did it!  They knew they needed a team and put it together themselves.  Horray for independence :) 
What was I doing while they were being independent?  Working one on one with a couple of students and checking journals. (and I took a minute to snap pics!)

Word Work! My favorite part of the morning!  We open up the day with this: 
These are on the desk when they arrive in the morning.  They get right to it and head off to word work when they are done.  Independently :)
 We were word work masters this week.  We have been doing the same routine all year and I swear if I didn't show up they could run the first 2 hours of class on their own!
 Cut and glue ABC order is one of our favorites!
 Word sorts with cutting and gluing are super popular in first grade!

 I hung this one up on the board because it was a PERFECT example of rainbow writing our spelling words!
Who can forget April Fool's Day?  
It was Monday......remember back that far? 
 I love first grade because April Fool's Day doesn't mean the day has to be chaos.  The craziest we got was first thing in the morning when a firstie brought me this....
 It had 2 empty candy wrappers in the bottom.  So tricky :)  I love the little gal and her silly sense of humor.  She made my Monday! 
We also wrote about a time we were tricked or a time we tricked someone.  This was pretty clever....
She literally revealed her trick during share time at Writer's Workshop.   We all agreed that she owed her friend a present now though! 

Ok....here is my personal part of the post. I always have to add in one no matter how I try to make it all about the classroom.  We put our garden in last weekend and I'm (a little) excited about all the tomatoes I'm going to have come June, July, or August......it all depends on if I did it right! 
We had ice on the windshield on Thursday......I hope they didn't freeze to death!

What a fun and INDEPENDENT week we had!  I hope yours was just as wonderful (spelling word this week).  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to see more wonderful Five for Friday posts!