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Five for Friday: April 25th

This was the LONGEST....WEEK.....EVER!  Seriously!

I woke up on Thursday and convinced my sleepy self it was Saturday.....really!

I had to pick myself up and make it through the day before a LONG training on Friday that will last all the way through tomorrow afternoon.  It's been a long week, seriously!

I can't miss Five for Friday though, we just had too many good things going on this week!

Here we go!
#1 Earth Week Writing

 #2 International Festival
We had our 1st/2nd grade International Festival this week.  It was truly a wonderful way to celebrate friendship around the world!

#3 Just a cute pic....

During recess duty this week we had a few older classes spending their lesson time outdoor in honor of Earth day.  4 of my little boys plopped themselves down to talk to this 8th grader.   This is why mentoring programs are so important!

#4 This is by far my favorite pic of the week.  This little sweetie worked so hard on this chapter book all week.  She finished it not long after I took this picture.  I won't lie. She has a hard time focusing sometimes.  But this book CAPTURED her imagination.  I love first grade for this reason!
#5 Kindergarten.....I finished up my first unit for Kindergarten next year.  I haven't found anything I needed on Tpt yet so I decided to make all my own.  I only have 35 units left to go. No problem!  If you would like to see the fruits of my labor click on the pic!
Happy Weekend everyone!  I will be sitting in a leadership training all day tomorrow.  I know, I know, wa....wa.... I'll make it just a little bummed I won't be relaxing on the couch tomorrow!  Until next time, Happy Teaching!