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Earth Day Writing and a FREEBIE!

Writer's Workshop has been a DREAM this week!  We are pulling together everything we have learned about different types of writing (opinion, informative, and narrative) and we are doing a little of everything today.  

Today was a "How To" story about recycling.  They did so great!

They were busy busy busy and writing {silently} the whole time!  My objective for them this week is to finish 3 products and then pick their favorite to share on our earth themed writing wall.  It's all about being reflective!

Here is the unit I am using.  
It's one of my best writing products so far 
(in my oh so humble opinion!) 
Along with writing about earth day themed things we have tried to cut down our paper usage this week.  I broke out the white boards (which I usually hate dislike very much).  They love doing their word work on these.  I spied one little cutie writing out all of our Learner Profiles :) 
Made my heart smile.

They are so independent right now!  Our morning work just flows and they are busy being 1st graders (hehem....almost 2nd graders).  I just sit back and enjoy the ride!
So a tiny announcement of sorts......my mind has been wandering all over the place the last few weeks.  Our beloved Kinder teacher is leaving us next year and I have the opportunity to move to Kinder (where my heart first fell in love with teaching).  I have made the decision to take the leap and jump back into the Kinder pool.  Although I have already taught Kinder I've never done it at an IB school and I've never taught half day classes.  I'm ready for this amazing new adventure! 48 little sweeties I get to see every day?  Yes please!

Happy Earth Week to you!  Tomorrow (if it's not windy) we will do a little work outside to save electricity.  If it's windy I'll just open the windows and turn out the lights!

Here is a little freebie for you via Google Drive for visiting my little 'ol blog.  This is a writing page about why it is important to help the earth :)  Just click on the pic to get to the document!