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Earth Day Writing

It's the eve of a 3 day weekend and you can hear the sigh of relief coming from teachers all over campus as you leave for the day.  I was literally the last one out of the parking lot though!  I was wondering how everyone got out of their so quickly but I had planning to do.  How do they do it?

I'm excited to share my newest creation that I will be using next week for Earth Day.  It's going to be awesome!
I have taught all of my major units for the year: Opinion Writing, Informational Writing, and Narrative Writing.  So now we can do it all!  Next week we are going to mix it up and try a little of everything. 

First we are going to write about reusing bags at the grocery store.  My problem is I always forget to take the bag with me!  So when you forget your reusable bag which is better, paper or plastic?  
I'm looking forward to their ideas on this topic. 

Next we will do a How To piece about recycling. 

Our final writing piece for the week will be a narrative about a time we did something good for the environment.  My kiddos love telling stories, so these are going to be great!

So I left school late but I'm all set for next week and some awesome writing projects.  
I'm also using the amazing Easy Ecology unit by 
I used this last year and it is full of great ideas.  I love the reading passages!  I'm going to use them all week for our fluency practice.  For word work and math stations I'm doing (almost) everything on white boards and non-paper type activities.  

I'm also using our new Mimio Vote system for all our testing next week: NO PAPER! 
(also no grading, it's a win win!)

Now I can breathe that sigh of relief.  The weekend is here, enjoy!