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Cinderella Around the World: Our final assessment and a GIVEAWAY!

For the last 6 weeks we have been working on our Cinderella Around the World Unit.  This is part of our IB Unit for How We Express Ourselves.  We wrapped it up this week and I'm really happy with how it went!

First we share the original Cinderella story (not necessarily the Disney version, but we refer to it a lot because the kiddos are familiar with it) and then we read a new one everyday for about 2 weeks.  Here is the anchor chart we fill out as we go.....

This year I redid my chart and used sticky notes to fill it in as we go.  Writing on the laminating never goes well for me...I can never get it to erase nicely.

We read the following stories (there are so many and they are all great!) I linked these up to Amazon if you would like to see the book covers.

After each reading we focus on Character, Setting, Problem/Solution, and Retell.  I introduce one literary element after each story but we discuss them all for each story by the end.  Here are a few retellings using just pictures.
 Check out the kissing lips at the end of the story!  This one just makes me smile!
 This story ends with the stepsister losing her hair after using a stinky potion.  Look at the stink coming off her hair in the last frame!
This is a retell of the original Cinderella.  I love the moon and stars above Cinderella and the prince dancing at the ball.  We were focusing on details and I think she nailed it!

After we have explored Cinderella in every shape and form we pick our favorite and write an opinion piece about our favorite version of the story.  We put together this rubric (we had so much to remember!) and they write a rough draft.  We don't really do a lot of editing in 1st grade, so I use this opportunity to talk about editing and publishing a perfect writing piece.  They really took this to heart!

Here are a few of the final writing pieces.  I can't wait to put these in the hall to show them off!

So there you have it!  I'm so proud of my kiddos and the effort they put into these.  I'm already looking at a few new stories to add in for next year.  What's your favorite Cinderella story?   Comment on this post and I will give away one copy of my Cinderella Around the World unit this Friday!  Click on the pic to see it in my store.