Tech Tuesday

Do you use technology in the classroom?  I couldn't live without it!  Today I will be posting all about how I integrate technology with my morning reading block time. 

First off, the basics.  I know it all depends on how much technology you have in the classroom and every room is different but I am here to tell you it REALLY depends on how you put it to use.  Ask for what you need, try out new things, and don't be afraid to apply for a grant here or there to get new technology for your classroom.  It pays off!

I have 2 classroom computers and an {ancient} laptop that was donated to my classroom 3 years ago.  I am super thankful for that ancient laptop, it does what I need it to do!  I have been lucky enough to get 5 iPads this year through grants and tax credits.   My district has licenses with Lexia and Read Naturally and I use both.  This is how I put them to work for me in the classroom:

8:00-8:30:  Group 1 Lexia
5 students work on the iPads through the Lexia program.  It focuses on reading foundation skills. 
4 students work on Read Naturally on the computers (I use my teacher laptop for 1 student)

The ancient laptop!  Gets the job done!

8:30-9:00 Group 2
5 more students on Lexia
4 more students on Read Naturally

9:00-9:30 Group 3
5 more students on Lexia
4 more students on Read Naturally

It gets a little crazy at times but we get what we need from these programs!  With this schedule (that took a LOT of tinkering before I got it down) each student gets to participate in both programs twice a week.  My intervention kids get more time on Lexia as it works mainly on the foundational skills. Read Naturally focuses on oral reading fluency and increasing reading comprehension skills.  I love that it uses all nonfiction texts.  My kiddos love that part too!

While these kiddos are on the computers I am working in small groups, my kiddos are doing Read to Self or Word Work as part of our Daily Five routine.  It works like clockwork!  If I changed it up my kiddos would be so sad. 

There you go for technology Tuesday.  To finish up this post I want to share a few websites I love that do not require any licensing.  Here you go....they are all great!

Tomorrow is humpday.  
Happy Teaching to you!