Peek at my Week March 24th

Well this weekend was a short one, aren't they all?  I enjoyed every second of it but alas now we must plan for the week ahead.  I think it's going to be a good one!

Here is a peek at my visual plans for the week! (you can click on the pic to see in Google docs)

Here is a recap of what I will be teaching this week along with the products I'll be using!

Daily 5: Word Work
We will be focusing on compound words this week and the vowel digraphs ue, ew, and ui.  Our morning starts with these daily word work pages:
I think they are going to love the activities this week!  You can link up to this product {here} or by clicking on the picture.

I'm also using Look Who's in First Grade's Reading Street First Grade Unit 4.5 word work centers.  They have saved me this year.  I don't think I could have transitioned into teaching Reading Street without them! 

Read to Self/ Read to Someone:
During Read to Self and Read to Someone we will be focusing on the Big Idea.  Small groups will focus on this as well. 

Writer's Workshop: 
In Writers Workshop we will continue to write our opinions.  This week we will have a series of "Would you rather" activities that will help them make some choices about their opinions.  Our focus will be to use a graphic organizer to plan their writing and then to use that to write their draft.  This is working up to a summative assessment next week. 

Math Stations:  
Yes, we are still knee deep in March Madness stations and the kiddos are loving it!
Cinderella Around the World:  Our IB unit right now is How We Express Ourselves and our central idea is that different versions of the same story can teach us about different cultures.  We have a lot of Cinderella stories to read this week!
  That's our week!  Thanks for stopping by for a peek at my week!