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Monday Math Fun: Lucky Little Lephrechaun!

What a great day back!  I was a {tiny} bit worried that the Monday back from Spring Break and a FULL moon would ruin my day but the luck of the Irish was with me!  
What am I saying?  It wasn't luck, I'm just awesome!  
(Who am I kidding? It was totally luck!)

We had a lot of fun today with our St. Patrick's Day math centers but before we got to those we did a little investigative reading about the holiday.  Here is our super messy anchor chart: 

We started with what we know about St. Patrick's Day and added some questions about what we want to know.  They REALLY wanted to know more about leprechauns but I tried to guide them into questions about the holiday.  Of course we investigated leprechauns too!

To find the answers to our questions we read the St. Patrick's Day book for Young Children by the Clever Classroom.  It was free!  They loved it so much they asked if they could keep it in their browsing boxes for the rest of the week.  Oh how they know how to make my teacher heart happy!  We filled in our facts that we learned by using evidence from the text on our anchor chart and then celebrated our new found knowledge by playing math games from my new Luck O' the Irish math games and activities.

Here are a few kiddos enjoying their time 
(practicing math skills!).  

And here is another reason today was just great!  I was awarded a grant in December for an iPad and it finally came in today!  Such a happy surprise to come back to after a lovely Spring Break!

So I left my room a happy camper today.  All my kiddos were so great today, I got new technology in the classroom, and we had fun today.  That's a win win in every way possible!