Math Monday: Problem Solving

We have been all about problem solving in our classroom this year.  I have centered my math instruction time around using math journals, solving problems, sharing strategies, and using math stations to enhance essential skills.  I have NEVER felt better about math!  I love giving my kiddos an opportunity to work independently (think for themselves), work with a partner (math games), and practice skills (scoot activities and other fun stations).  

Last week I tried something new (for me) but it was something I had been wanting to try for a long while.  I write a new problem of the day each day but it is the same for every student.  We all know that some of our kiddos still need smaller numbers but there are some that could use a challenge.  Here is the answer: 
This question was part of my March Madness Math Stations packet.  See the number choices?  CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) taught me that you can give students choices.  My kiddos decide which set of numbers they would use and then they write their numbers in the blanks.  Then they solve it!  I loved hearing my class decide which set of numbers they would use!  I sit down with a small group to work on journals, today I had 5 students that wanted to solve it with me.  The rest of the class gets to work on their own and then heads off to a math station when they finish.  I have 5 minutes or so to walk around and look at all the journals and see how they are doing.  At the end of math stations we get together and share how we solved the problem.  Here is one cutie sharing her strategy....
She picked the numbers (15,7) and explained that she drew 15 circles and crossed out 7 because 7 bags of popcorn were sold.  She ended up with 8. (They write a number sentence and a complete sentence in their journal)

I am loving this new spin on math!  Picking our own numbers to customize our problem solving is so fun!  

Quick shout out to GoNoodle today too.  It's my new favorite place to play when we have 5 minutes to celebrate a good day!  You should head over and create a FREE account now! :) 
This will encourage my kiddos to "win" on our scoreboard every day!  They loved it!

Happy Monday and Happy Teaching to you!