For the LOVE of reading! Freebie and our favorite books!

My heart was full today as we discussed our favorite books.  This is the time of year when everyone just takes off and my little firsties are just not so little anymore.  They are independent little learners and I begin to worry that they just don't need me anymore!  Well....I still am the boss of the bathroom pass so they need me for something :) 

We have been working on writing opinions in Writer's Workshop so today we wrote about our favorite book.  They LOVED this activity from Susan Jones- TGIF

Here are a few....

They loved giving reasons why they loved their books.  They did a really good job!

To top off such a great day of reading and reflection I came home to this wonderful post on my FB page.  
This made my day!  Now the funny thing is, there is no "challenge".  I simply send home a reading log and they record their time each week.  I read their total time at the end of the week and we applaud the top reader of the week.  This little guy takes it SERIOUSLY :)  He has been the top reader every week since we started this little tradition!

Here is a link to the reading log I send home.  You can get it for FREE here!

Hope your Wednesday was as great as mine!  Happy Reading to you!