Five for Friday!

This week flew by.....
Not being sarcastic...
I mean it.

It really did go fast and we had so many fun things happening!  Here is the link to Doodle Bugs Teaching if you want to link up too. :) 

#1  Math Centers:  I blogged about problem solving earlier this week (see the post here) and giving differentiated problems to the whole class.  It was very successful this week!  Here are my kiddos working in their journals solving their individualized problems.
 #2 We wrote our opinions about our favorite stories this week.  They did such a good job and their stories were so fun to listen to as we shared in Writer's Workshop.  

#3 Tutoring!
I tutor 3 days a week for reading intervention.  We have a service dog, Duncan, who has just started coming to read with the students.  They love it!  They can't wait to pick their favorite book to go read with him.  Our students {heart} Duncan!
#4 We have been reading all different versions of Cinderella this week.  Here are a few of our favorites so far: 

We have been using my Cinderella Around the World packet to respond to each book.  We have been writing about character, setting, and problem/solution this week.  They love these stories! 
 #5 Spring Cleaning!  My store is 20% off now through Monday!  It's time to clean out those wish lists! 

Already had a fun dinner with friends tonight, and now my blog is done for the night so it's time to kick back, watch Tangled, and relax!  
Love this movie :) 
 Love listening to my daughter sing all the songs even more!  
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to you!