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Five for Friday

The week back from Spring Break is always a long one.  Getting back into routine, catching up on all those "stories", and just getting back into our groove.  I'm happy to report that we didn't have any trouble getting back into our learning mode and this week was full of learning and so much fun.  Link up with Doodles Bugs Teaching to share your Five for Friday and visit some great blogs!
#1  St. Patrick's Day
I don't think I have ever taught on St. Patrick's Day.  It always falls over Spring Break so I've never had the opportunity to do any fun leprechaun stuff.  Now I didn't have any antics going on in the classroom and we didn't have a visit from a leprechaun but we did spend some time learning about St. Patrick's Day and the fun traditions that go with it. Here are a few highlights. 
 We put all our thoughts down on paper in a very messy KWL (sort of) chart.  We listed what we already knew about the holiday, our questions, and then read a great reading passage by the Clever Classroom.  The students found evidence in the text to answer each others questions.  It was a great activity (and kind of put together on the fly....so I was happy how it turned out!)

We had a few fun outfits this day too!

We also got the chance to play some fun math activities with a leprechaun theme.  Fun stuff!

These games give them extra practice comparing, adding/subtracting, and basic number sense.  It's basically another math packet I created a few months ago but I changed it up to leprechauns.  If you'd like to see the original in my store click the picture to see it!

#2  My Grant Came In!
I walked in Monday morning to this!  I love it when a plan comes together!
#3 Math Stations
Math Stations were a big hit this week!  I blogged all about them earlier this week, yes, a blog post in the middle of the week.  
That's how great they were!
Number Bonds
 Adding 2 digit numbers
 #4  Winning!
 If you are a Whole Brain Teaching Teacher you will know what I mean when I say we were "winning" (on our score board) all week long!  If you are not a WBT Teacher you should Google it and see what its all about!  We had lots of fun activities this week to celebrate our winning so I snapped a lot of dancing pictures! 
has a ton of great counting videos that are a hoot to dance to if you are looking for some brain breaks in the classroom or a fun way to spice up your curriculum.
#5  One Spring Break pic just because I can....
I didn't blog over Spring Break.  I just did a whole lot of nothing but we did get away to a couple of Spring Training games.  I wish I could get away in the middle of the week to enjoy a little baseball with my hubby, but a nice memory will have to do. 

I need a little more sun!  Maybe this weekend right?  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your well deserved time off, 
I know I will!