Five for Friday! It's Spring Break!

Five for Friday never gets any sweeter than this!  It's the Friday of Spring Break and the end of Read Across America week.  AWESOME!

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#1 Read Across America Week!
Ok, I don't go all out for this week but it is still the most exciting week of the year!  We have a dress up day for each day and a book of the day.  My FAVORITE part of this week is when we read the book aloud together each day.  Green Eggs and Ham has never sounded sweeter than when 25 firsties are reading it all together. 
#2  Monday was pajama day.  It was way too hot to wear flannel pajamas to school on Monday...seriously!  It was still fun though.  Here are my favorite jammies of the day!

I ALWAYS wake up on the SASSY side of the bed!  I need these pajamas!

#3 Crazy Hat Day!  500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins is a great read aloud in the classroom.  Seriously.....they loved it.  It was fun to wear our hats all day.  I may or may not have had a bat hat pictures to prove it!

#4 Starbucks?  On a Wednesday?  My boss brought me Starbucks in the middle of the week.  Could there be something brewing?  Scares me a little but I enjoyed it anyhow!
#5  Just when you think you are overloaded and have too much to do all you have to do is go next door to a neighbor.  My neighbor happens to be our Title I teacher and on this day she was filing ALL of the district writing assesments into files.  Seriously.....Over 450 students and they all wrote a story that needs to go in a yellow folder.  I only giggled for a minute friends...I promise.   She is our rock, my confidant, my go to gal, and my friend.  I love being her neighbor!
She called me a dorkfish and told me to get out!  Ha!  I love her!

Happy Spring Break!  I am planning time with my family, a little Spring Training baseball, a little volleyball watching, and a visit from my oldest!  Exciting stuff!  Have a great week no matter what you are doing!