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Tech Tuesday and a Facebook Freebie!

Ok blog lovers out there, how many of you get frustrated with the newest, greatest, coolest little app or gadget that comes along?  My newest frustration has been Woobox.  It's an app that allow you to link a freebie or other goodies to your Facebook page so everyone that "likes" your page can grab it.  It also encourages people to "like" your page.  

EVERYONE has one.  Seriously.  They make it look so simple!  It's not, believe me!  I have been attempting to link this up and get a simple picture for a couple months now.  I usually don't just "give up" but in this case I have given up on numerous occasions.  NOT NOW!  I was succesful last night, finally!  You can click on the picture to get to my Facebook page.


Here's how I finally figured it out!

Tutorials people.  It's where it's at!  I use them for everything!  For this particular frustration I have watched plenty but I finally got it with  
tutorial on Woobox.   
She has amazing tutorials on just about everything blog related.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I got the darn little icon to show up and the link to work.  Better yet I got feedback right away and a fan confirmed to me that it worked!  
If you have been frustrated visit Christy and she will guide you through, amazing I tell you!
Have a marvelous evening, it's already Wednesday tomorrow! Yay!