Meet the Teacher Monday: Fast Five

I did the first week of this fun linky and then I took a little break (got busy, urg) but I'm BACK to link up again.  
Thanks Trina for hosting!
This week is the fast here we go!
1. List 5 things you always keep in your purse:
  • chapstick! No not lipstick, I'm not a lipstick person!
  • my little pill container.  I keep Advil in it, a couple Tylenol, and sometimes a Dayquil.  My hubby is always happy I have it if we are on the road and he gets a headache. 
  • my wallet (duh!)
  • lotion....I live in the southwest, it's very dry here!
  • a pen and my shopping list notepad.  It just got soaked last weekend at a volleyball tourny so I have to get a new one!
2. List 5 things you love about yourself: 
  • Geesh, you're killin' me here Trina!  I'm enthusiastic....
  • I'm "exciteable"  That's what my mom says but I think it just means I'm passionate about what I think!
  • I made 3 of the most perfect humans ever ;) 
  • I think I'm funny, others might disagree.
  • I'm good at my job, I take a lot of pride in being a teacher.  
3. List 5 things you do to keep yourself entertained:
  • read
  • watch movies/TV/the news with my hubby
  • Create teaching resources
  • This summer I grew a garden, I need more freetime activities like that.
4. List 5 things that attract you to the opposite sex. 
  • Ummmmm......Trina, I've been happily married for 17 years, I have just one thing that attracts me!  His name is hubby.   But I was and still am attracted to his sense of humor, his looks (that's what got me first), his ability to put up with me, the little things he thinks to do for me, and the fact that he's a good dad. 
5.  List 5 things you want to accomplish this year: 
  • Take a road trip with the fam
  • Worry less, celebrate more
  •  Figure out how to integrate more technology in the classroom (coming summer 2014)
  •  Perfect my Tpt products.....everything can always be better
  • Be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Just kidding, watching the 50th anniversary right now and I can't think of a 5th thing.  I guess I need to work on goal setting!
Now you have an assignment.  Go click on the cute logo and link up with Trina to see the other great teacher/bloggers at The Ordinary to Extraordinary class.