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Five for Friday.....finally!

Yes, I said it.  Finally. Friday.  This week was a doozie and I am finishing it up with a Saturday of professional development after missing my firsties today for a Friday of PD.  So here is a look back of all the FUN things we did this week!

Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

#1 Math Stations
Math stations were a hoot this week with task cards from Jen Cullen and her We (heart) Double Digit Addition.  I asked the kiddos what they liked about Math Stations this week and they said, "We got to move around the room" (for the scoot) and "We got to use the blocks to add big kid problems" (for the double digit addition).  WIN in both areas!  
Using our manipulatives to solve double digit addition problems. 
 Look at the engagement of this group of boys!  
They were practically running to solve the next problem!
 Moving around to solve story problems.

#2 President's Day Unit
I just LOVED our President's Day unit this week.  They were so excited to learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Some of the questions that made my week this week were: 
"Is George Washington still alive"
......makes you think about perspective of a 6 year old!
"How did the new president get his job"
.......we had lots of discussion about elections. 
"I didn't vote, how did he become president?"
........we also talked alot about who gets to vote :)

Cut and glue noun sort with American Symbols.

#3  President's Day Listening Station
So I made my own tapes this week and they were a big hit.  I think I will do this with lots of other books so I can expand my listening stations (with very little $)!  I have 2 listening stations in the classroom so kiddos can listen to 2 different stories a week.  We also choose our favorite story and include it in our Fun Friday rotations!

 Listening station response sheet.  
Title, setting, characters, problem and solution.
#4  We also did this activity from Amy Lemons freebie President's Day pack to build words out of the word President.  We've never done an activity like this before and they loved it.  I need to include this in our regular morning word work because they loved it!
  #5  This is grasping at straws here for a (5) for Five for Friday but this was an "event" at our house this week.  My girls and I took these for lunch all week and it was pretty successful!  Instead of unhealthy Lunchables we made our own.  They were fun and my 2 teenagers took a lunch every day this week.  
That's success in my book!

 That's Five for Friday in my corner of the world!  I will be imagining myself sitting out in the sun enjoying the beautiful weather tomorrow as I sit and listen to someone talk all. day. long. 
I hope that you go out and enjoy your weekend! 
Have a great one!