Five for Friday: Sicko Edition! 
Yes, it's the sicko edition people.  Our little town is plagued with the flu.  Everyone has it.....and if they don't it's coming their way.  I had so many kids absent this week I'm surprised I got anything accomplished.  I even took a sick day and that has only happened once in my whole teaching career!  It's bad I tell ya!

That being day of rest and I am ready to go again!  I feel so much better AND I got to sit on my bum and do a little Tpt creating so maybe that's why I feel recharged.  More on that in a minute!

Don't forget to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!  Here's mine!

#1  My week started with the threat of rain.  I wasn't real happy thinking about indoor recess for a Monday, but the good news is that it never did rain on our parade so the week was off to a good start!

#2  Math Stations
Math Stations were a huge hit this week thanks to Katie King!  I'm telling you, her Teacher's Best Friend Activities are wonderful!  Not only are they so easy to prep, my kiddos love them to pieces and are completely engaged the whole time.  No arguing, no messing around, no guff.  Just honest to goodness math practice.  LOVE.IT.

My kiddos get to go to a station after they have completed our daily math review and a story problem in their math journal (where they explain their thinking and strategies to me).  Math time is so much fun!

#3  I had some break throughs with a couple of readers this week in after school tutoring!  We always start to turn that corner in January and it's fun to be there to see it happen!
 If you want to read more about my nonsense word and oral reading fluency instruction see my WOW Wednesday post with Coast to Coast Kinder!

#4  The middle of my week had a lot of this.  I am well aware this is not news worthy, but I didn't take many pictures this week so it will have to do as #4!
#5  And now to my newest creation! I'm really loving this one. I got it all printed at school today and it is beautiful (and full of important skills too!) Click on the pic to sneak a peek!
I included in this packet:
  • American Symbol Noun Sort 
  • George Washington Reading Passage
  • Comprehension Questions (George Washington)
  • Fact or Opinion about George Washington
  • Adjectives to describe a president (George Washington)
  • Abraham Lincoln Reading Passage
  • Comprehension Questions (Abraham Lincoln)
  • Fact or Opinion about Abraham Lincoln
  • Adjectives to describe a president (Abraham Lincoln)
  • ABC Order Presidential Words
  • Writing Prompts and Graphic Organizers 
I am super excited to use this in my classroom over the next week or so.  I will probably hold off on President's Day activities until the week we actually celebrate it with a glorious day off!

I hope you had a good week too and the flu bug stayed away from your house.  I'm happy to be feeling better and now I can wait another 9 or so years to take a sick day! :)  Happy Weekend to you all!