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Five for Friday! February 28th

Yippee!  Five for Friday time!  I am greeting this Friday with a large sigh of relief!  It was a long week!
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#1  I love first grade!
 I really do, but this was just a fun reminder this week!

#2 Read to Someone was just magical this week (we are starting our fairy tale unit!).  It went just the way it's supposed to and I couldn't help but snap a few photos.  They love Cinderella!

#3  Math Stations:  I made a few new activities this week and tried them out.  I wanted to try them before I make a March Math Center out of them. They went great!  I will be making a new unit soon (like this weekend!)

#4 Pencils:  Yes.....I did this.  I have been struggling with pencils the last few weeks and trying to figure out where they are all going!  I found out where they are going but rather than do the accuse and deny game I just labeled everyone's pencil so no one can argue about which pencil belongs to who.  I'm really tired of arguing about pencils.  
#5  Personal success for the week!
I've been trying to find the motivation to get my body moving and this week I FINALLY found some!  I was up and at 'em at a 6 am spin class twice this week.  TWICE!  It felt so good!

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Have a great weekend friends!