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Wednesday WOW!

Any excuse to share great ideas is a win win situation in my book.  Coast to Coast Kinder put together this wonderful Wednesday linking to share great ideas in the middle of the week. Win!

To be honest here....I am ill prepared for this post. 
I don't have any WOW ideas on short notice. 
I need atleast a week or two to put together something WOW worthy. 
Don't fret....I'm having a good week so I have a something to share!

So.....I've been on my Whole Brain Teaching kick this week and I realized today that I needed to use the Teach-Okay technique to the fullest extent.  I do use this regularly but not often enough to get my kiddos talking in the middle of a lesson instead of just poking each other in boredom.  Here is how it works. 

Ideas are taught in {tiny} increments and the kiddos teach each important points through Teach-Okay.  First, introduce a topic (sentences have a capital and a period) and then you ask students to teach their neighbor.  Say "TEACH" and they respond back "OK!" (with a ton of enthusiasm!) and then they teach.  Here are my kiddos today teaching their neighbor about where a period should go.  

Basically they are repeating exactly what you said to their neighbor.  However....this solidifies the lesson like you've never seen before!  It's like magic!

Well, I'm off to read all the other WOW posts for the week.  I'm excited to see what great ideas are hiding out there in bloggy land.  If you are interested in Whole Brain Teaching check out my blog post {here}.  
Check in tomorrow to find out the winner of my 200 follower giveaway!