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Technology Tuesday!

It feels like once we get caught up with technology everything changes again.  Just when you have it figured out, there is more to learn.  I love this about technology and hate it at the same time.  Yes I said the "h" word.......but it's true. 

We have been very fortunate this year to get iPads for our 1st graders and Kindergarten classrooms through grants and tax credit programs.  Without these 4 iPads in my room my kiddos would have zero technology to work with (besides my classroom proxima and mimio).  The programs we use no longer work on the old desktops in my room and we have no computer lab. 

Ok, so there is my sob story, what I really wanted to say is I'm super fortunate to have these 4 gems in my room.  My neighbor and I were very worried thought the moment they arrived because we have no cart to store them in or cases to put them in to protect them.  I almost didn't want my kids to touch them!  So scary!  Here are a few ways we have made them classroom safe. 

My neighbor made this sign for us and these are the rules we introduced with the iPads. 
We cut squishy drawer liner stuff (technical term right?  I have no idea what this stuff is called) in a square and the iPads must stay on the placemat at all times. 

To store them and charge them at night we created this charging station out of a dish rack. 
This really helps keep them put away nicely, always charging, and protects the screens. 

My goal is to have atleast one class set and I continue to write grants every time I get the chance and I am contemplating Donors Choose.  It's a little overwhelming when you read all about it but it's my next "big thing" I'm going to take on.  It may take me until summer time to get up the nerve though!

What types of things do you use in your classroom to assist you with technology?  
Any great apps I need to know about? 
What technology can you not live without?  
Mine is the Proxima and Mimio! 
Happy Tuesday, tomorrow is hump day...hooray!

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