Five for Friday: Last half of break!
It's the last Friday of Winter break and yes....I'm just a little bit sad.  I'm really more worried that I won't be able to drag myself out of bed on Monday morning.  I may have to practice over the weekend!

Here is a little of what I've been up to in the past week, classroom and otherwise :)

#1  New Years was a quiet celebration at our house.  For the first time in...well...forever we didn't have to go pick up any kids at any parties at midnight so we just stayed home for a little Breaking Bad marathon.  We are now addicted to this show!
My daughter made these cute shirts with her BFF for their church party.  So crafty!

#2  I worked 1 day in my classroom over break but about 3 or 4 on the computer.  That's pretty good for me, I've put in a full week in the classroom before over break.  It's just so dang hard to stay away!  I learned how to use Picasa to make a preview page for my products.  That was pretty cool and saves me a ton of time too!

#3  I made 2 new products to go with Reading Street over break.  I'm super excited about this because I thought I would be working weekends to finish the 2nd one because I will need this before break is over.  Now I'm all set until Spring Break and I can work on Unit 5 then when I have a little breathing room.  If you are familiar with Morning Work, Daily Language Review, or Bell Work this is the same thing but it corresponds with the Reading Street high frequency words and skills.  It's a life saver I tell ya! Click {here} to see my store or on the pic to see each unit.

I also finished one more packet in my "I Can" series.  These are simply cut and glue sort activities and the newest installment involves word families.  It's my favorite so far!  

 I use these for word work and my kiddos love them!  
They are just perfect for a 15 minute activity too.

#4  We went over the mountain today to go shopping.  Yes.....we have drive over the mountain to get the nearest mall...pathetic.  But we got to stop and see some snow on the way there.  
We had a fun day!
Jamie has wanted to see snow all winter break and this will just have to do!

#5  Stats!  I've hit few milestones this week as well.  I have 100 followers on my blog (Bloglovin') and I am sooooo close to 200 in my Tpt store.  I'm thinking of a giveaway to do at the end of January to celebrate some milestones.  I'm hoping to get to 100 on FB before then too! 
Happy New Year and happy first weekend of the year!  I know next weekend mine will be well earned and next weeks Five for Friday will be way more exciting!  I can't wait to get back to school and see my kiddos!  Until then, have a good one!