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Five for Friday and a FREEBIE!

Already a month into the new year, can you believe it?  We have been busy, busy, busy bees in our classroom learning about how things change.  It's been a fun month!  Here are some highlights from our week courtesy of Doodle Bugs teaching and Five for Friday. 

#1 It's all about change!

We are 4 weeks into our "Where We Are in Place and Time" unit and learning about documenting personal histories.  We have been reading all about changes in our Reading Street unit too.  They go so well together!  We wrote about what plants need.....here's a little sample. 
I {love} that she remembered to give it time!  Timelines have been pretty important to us in the past few weeks!  More on that in a minute....

We also worked in teams to write about what changes happen in a garden.  I always have the kiddos write an answer to the question of the week but usually on post its.  They are so tiny we can't read them so this week I had them pair up and write an answer together on BIG paper.  They loved this activity!

#2  Timelines
 Our main focus for this unit is putting our life on a timeline but we have had lots of discussions about how timelines work.  This week to solidify the concept we made a classroom timeline.  It was fun to reflect on how much we have learned together in 1st grade!

I hung it up because it was very loooooooong (we've learned a lot!) and I'm totally out of wall space!

#3 Professional Development
We are starting a new science program in our district called Engineering is Elementary and we had some fun PD to learn more about it.  My team is (kind of) competitive so we had fun with this little challenge.  Our cards had to be 18 inches high and hold the stuffed monkey.  Any PD that involves fun is a win win!

#4  Have Fun Teaching!
Quick highlight on a website I love!  www.havefunteaching.com has GREAT learning videos that are perfect for little brain breaks.  We have been using them this week to celebrate our "WINS" on the score board (part of Whole Brain Teaching).  My kiddos love the counting by 5's video and it may or may not get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  Yes, many nights this week I was singing the 5's song as I made dinner each night. I posted about my rebirth to WBT teaching on Monday and I am happy to report that this week went GREAT!  Our behavior was so much better than last week! 

#5 Sweet Love Giveaway
I'm super excited to team up with Kristen at Easy Teaching Tools for another great giveaway.  There are so many fun Valentine's products in this giveaway! Click on the pic to link up with her blog!
  I've included my new ELA/Math centers "Sweets for my Sweets".  You can see it in my store by clicking on the pic!

Is that 5?  
Wow that was fast!  
Almost as fast as the month of January!

 I'm including a little freebie from my Valentine's packet in celebration of making it to February!  Click on the pic to get to the Google doc :)
Before you know it we will be kicking back in June soaking up the sun (one can dream right?).  
Until then stay warm, smile, and have fun teaching!