Five for Friday! January 10th 
It's FINALLY FRIDAY!  The first week back is always a long one.  We had a lot going on this week and we had school all week long unlike all those lucky ducks who had snow days.  I'm not freezing my tail off though so I guess I might be the lucky duck!

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#1: Writer's Workshop!
 I tried to mix things up and start some new writing things on Monday and let me tell you.  It. didn't. work.  I jumped in too fast and made my poor little firsties heads spin with too many new ideas.  On Tuesday I went back to our journals and stuck to our routine.  It was like magic.  Writing, writing, and more writing in a quiet room reminded me of why I love Writer's Workshop. 

See what I mean?  This little guys details are spot on!  He was excited to go horse back riding after school.  The pic is his dads truck with the horse trailer attached.  So cute!  His story was 2 pages too and we were able to reinforce where periods go while conferencing.  My lesson......don't try to fix something that isn't broken!

#2 Math Journals!
 Over the last quarter I have been working with math journals everyday with my kiddos.  I went to a CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) training earlier this year and really wanted to put a focus on problem solving in my room.  This week we focused on using manipulatives to show problem solving with larger numbers.  I was tired of students lining up 30 blocks to show me 30 and then counting them all one by one to show me their proof.  Here is what I did to help encourage their strategies: 
I simply showed them 30 blocks and asked them if they believed me if it was really 30.  They all gave me an enthusiastic NO!  I broke it into 3 10's and then asked them if they believed me.  Of course they had to agree YES!  That's all it took!  The rest of the week everyone was using 10's instead of lines of blocks.  Success!

#3  Grant Approval!

I already shared this a few days ago but it has to be part of my Five for Friday.  I got a grant approval and check in the mail for a new iPad for the classroom this week!  I was so pumped!

#4 Little things:
This is silly, but sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things in life.  This leaf blew across my path and landed right at my feet the other day.  Just a little love from mother nature. 

#5  TGIF!

That's all I've got friends.  It was an awesome week.  Not every second of it but overall so good.  If we can keep the rest of the quarter rolling like this I will be OK with that!  I hope your week was good and your weekend is even better!  I'm heading over to check out what everyone else was up to and I am predicting that there will be a lot of pictures of snow......and teachers stuck inside wishing they were at school!