Five for Friday: Easy Peasy Week! 
 Phew!  We made it!  Time to celebrate with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Five for Friday!

#1 Appreciating the world around us-
I started my morning off today with the gorgeous view.  It was a fabulous day and we got so much accomplished!

#2 Enjoying duties!
The day just kept on getting better with beautiful weather for recess today.  It really was a great day!

#3- Actual work from this week!
Now onto some actual activities from this week!  I wasn't huge on taking pictures this week but did manage to snap a few while my kiddos were making these dice from Deanna Jump's Frog Frenzy unit.  These were HARD!  My kids didn't give up though and helped each other as they figured it out.  It was a happy teacher moment!

#4 Always be prepared-
I spent the end of this week getting ready for next week and I am super excited that all my laminating and cutting is DONE! I didn't realize it was a 3 day weekend until Wednesday of this week.  BONUS!  I guess that just means I don't look at the calendar closely enough!
#5 Exciting news!

I was invited to a tech conference this week and even though it's not until June I can't help but be excited!  I'm kind of a professional development junkie and this one has me excited because I love, love, love technology!  Stayed tuned this summer for new and exciting things!

Easy peasy week, and I am looking forward to another one next week.  We can always hope right?  Have a great weekend!