Awesome Day! I'm a happy, happy teacher!

Today just got better and better every time I turned around.  I won't pretend it was an easy day, we had a few hiccups along the way but as I was driving home I realized, dang, today was pretty good!

Quick shout out to Katie King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle and her fabulous Busy Teacher's Best Friend.  I'm using January right now and I LOVE them.  So do my kids!  I've been using the math pages this week during math centers.

I had to share this from today too....
One of my little guys here explaining his thinking in math.  I love having them come up to the board to share and talk about "How they know".  Today this one said, "I know that 10 plus 9 is a teen because I remember you teaching us that."  It just made me want to cry realizing they actually do listen to me sometimes.  

So after math I went to lunch and checked my mailbox and I got this.....
A grant approval for an iPad and the check to go with it!  Instant gratification!  Ok, well, I had to wait to hear about the grant and I was initially DENIED.  I was so happy to find out I actually got it!  One little grant at a time and we might have a full class set someday!

Classroom Management: POST BREAK!
My neighbor showed me this idea before break as a new management system to get the kiddos back in the groove.  I won't lie....yesterday it went horribly.  It did not  Today I went in with a renewed spirit (and a little extra sleep) and tried again.  
It was great today and the word of the day was 
I made 20 little gems to go on the board to start the day. 
(Just a magnet glued on the back)
I asked the kids to pick something we could focus on today and they said, "Cooperation!".  Seriously, they were full of enthusiasm today.  So we made a short list of ways we could show cooperation like lining up nicely, working together (not disturbing others) and not talking while the teacher is talking.  I think they were just trying to butter me up on that last one.  We only lost 2 gems today.  It was great and they were proud to be cooperating today.  

At the end of the day I put little gems in a jar and we are coming up with a list of ways to celebrate when the jar is full.  They can also earn 5 big gems if they get a compliment from a teacher.  The earned 5 big ones at recess today!
Tomorrow I plan on choosing a new IB Attitude to focus on and we will make another little list to focus on.   Happy to have something that is working for me right now. 

I checked in (because yes I stalk myself during the day) on Tpt at lunch and I reached 200 followers today!  I'm so beyond thrilled.  And none of those are even my mom!  (love you mom!)
  Stay tuned because I will be having a GIVEAWAY at the end of the month to celebrate!

One last bit of celebration!  Our school got word today that we are officially an authorized International Baccalaureate school!  We opened up 2 and a half years ago and underwent authorization earlier this year.  We've been waiting since October to find out.  I almost cried when our principal came over the loud speaker to announce it. (Which was quite a shock because we don't use the loud speaker for ANYTHING at my school....I thought it was a code blue or something!)

So it was a good day.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope yours was just as good!