A Day in the Life of Mrs. Langley

Since it's January I think I finally have my schedule down!  Amelia at Where the Wild Things Learn has created an informative linky party to allow people to share their schedules and ideas.  Perfect!

Here is my daily schedule:
Here is a little breakdown: 

Daily Language Review:
Every morning we start out with some word work.  I have always used this type of "bell work" whether teaching 5th grade, Kindergarten, or 1st grade.  I made these and I have been using them for the past 2 years.  You can click on the picture to see them on Tpt.


They don't change from day to day so students can complete them independently once they are introduced on Monday morning.  It gives me time to take attendance and check agendas, and the kiddos are getting meaningful practice in. 

Word Work: 
I keep 6 stations going each week for word work.  They usually go a little like this---
  • ABC order with weekly spelling words
  • Phonics skill
  • Word Sort
  • Listening Station with response to reading sheet
  • Grammar skill (nouns, verbs, sentence structure)
  • iPad station
I love, love, love word work.  My kids get so much practice with really essential skills and I have the opportunity to work with kids, pull some aside, meet with a reading group, or get kids on the computer to practice oral reading fluency.  It's differentiation at its best!

Read to Self:  I follow Daily 5 but not perfectly.  I don't let the kids make the choice.  I need to have that power (I am a teacher after all) to make sure everything is getting done in a given day.  I also use Read to Self time as my small group instruction time.  I meet with 5 groups a week, sometimes multiple times depending on how the week is going. 

Read to Someone:  Again, Daily 5 inspired but not exact.  I use this time to practice oral reading fluency with a partner.  We do something called "6 minute fluency" in my district.  Students read weekly passages to each other and track their own progress.  It reinforces with my kids that repeated readings help us become better readers.  Students read together chorally for 2 minutes, Reader 1 then reads for 1 minute, Reader 2 then reads for 1 minute.  It takes us about 10 minutes to do the whole thing and the students mark their time each day.  I really think this makes a huge difference in my kiddos oral reading fluency times!

Writer's Workshop:  Yes, not Daily 5 but my version of Work on Writing.  I started using the Writer's Workshop model about 7 years ago and I wouldn't teach writing any other way.  It is the foundation of all of our reading and writing.  If I ever try to stray from this routine my kiddos go crazy!  We have a mini lesson, think time (partners share what they are writing for the day), writing time, and we close with sharing time.  5 students share per day at the doc cam and we provide positive feedback.  It's like magic!

Recess:  Sigh........a little breather. 

Math:  I start math with a quick 5 question spiral review to get their minds geared towards math and we quickly grade it together.  My lesson starts with math journals and a story problem of the day.  Students solve the problem in their journal and I go around and listen to their thinking.  Once they have met the daily requirements and explained their thinking to me I give them a stamp in their journal and they head out to a math station.  Math stations involve games from our Investigations units and math centers I have made or purchased. We meet back together for the last 5 to 10 minutes to have a few students share their journals and problem solving strategies.
This is A LOT for the time I have allotted here and when I have a real life math lesson to teach the journals don't fit in.  I love the problem solving though......so it's hard not to do them!

Lunch:   Yum......

Teacher Read Aloud:  My current favorite is Junie B.  I'm trying to encourage my kiddos to read chapter books and FINISH chapter books.  Do you ever have that problem with kids starting 2 or 3 different books at a time?  Ugh....1st grade problems. 

Daily Math Skills:  This is a district program and everyone in the district has this 20-30 minute slot in their day (wherever I want though).  We practice math facts to build fluency.  

Social Studies/Science:  My social studies and science curriculum is aligned with my reading curriculum (as best I can).  I teach at an International Baccalaureate school and our IB units are usually centered around something social studies/science related.   During this time of the day we do special projects that connect back to our IB units. 

Specials:  My students go to their special classes each day.  My first grade team uses this time to collaborate (on days that we match up) and it is also our planning time. 

Dismissal:  Phew!  

That's my day!  We do a lot every single day.  I'm amazed sometimes at the end of the day when I look at everything we accomplished.  Sometimes it's more than others but we are always learning!  

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