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Unwrapping Your Favorites: Favorite Holiday Tradition

It's time to unwrap a few new favorites with Sticky Notes & Glitter and Mrs. Russell's Room!  Today is all about your favorite holiday tradition!  Click on the button to link up!
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Here is my favorite holiday tradition!
 Here are a few pics of my favorites!
Erin's first Christmas.....she is 18 now!
McKenna's first Christmas....she's 16 and DRIVING!
Jamie Lynn's first Christmas.  My baby is 14 and in high school.  

I swear they grow up so fast!

A few extra favorites over the years.
Whatever Disney movie they were obsessed with usually ruled what ornament they picked. 
This one was a special Millennium Barbie ornament.  
We lived and breathed Blue's Clues for many years!
The hubs and I used to get a special ornament too!
That's ONE of my favorite holiday traditions.  Putting up the tree is always a special treat because we get to take a trip down memory lane.  When they were little my plan was they could take their ornaments with them and have a little "starter" set when they went out on their own.  I think I might change my mind about that one!  I don't want to let these go!

Thanks for stopping by.  Take a little bloggy trip to Sticky Notes & Glitter or Mrs. Russell's Room to see some fun holiday traditions!

And oh yeah....Merry Christmas!