Five for Friday......sneeze...cough......ugh!

It was a fun week, it was a great week, it was an accomplished week.  But man oh man am I so happy it is Friday!  I had a yucky cough all week and I think my kiddos are sick of me hacking and coughing my way through lessons.  That being is what we accomplished this week.

It was COLD here in Arizona this week.  I'm not talking 3 feet of snow on the ground cold but just chilly for us capri wearing, flip flop loving folk in the Southwest lovers of the sun region.  I only have recess duty one day of week but I needed my peppermint tea to get me through this week.  It was chilly!
One of the kids brought me this during recess. was cold!
Ice formed on the swings.  My kids were amazed!

We had student led conferences on Tuesday night.  Do you do these at your campus?  It is so fun watching the kiddos share their learning with their parents!  In just 2 hours I was able to touch base with almost all 25 families in my class.  We do this in December and again in May.  The growth in 1st grade is truly amazing!

CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) problems are going great in my classroom!  I am going on week 4 of journal work and my kiddos are solving problems with no problem now!  We have a problem of the day each day and they solve the problem in their journal by drawing a picture, writing a sentence, and even using manipulatives to prove their strategy.  This student drew a picture to show me how she knows. 

And this one showed me using manipulatives.
I am in love with CGI strategies!  I give them a stamp once they prove the problem of the day and then they move on to math stations.  If they need extra help with the problem of the day I get to sit down with them in a small group to solve the problem.  Some of our best conversations about math happen here.  My kiddos that "didn't get it" a few weeks ago are proving me wrong on a daily basis now.  I love this teaching strategy!
 Can I tell you how much I just love Erica Bohrer?  I have purchased so much from her store my classroom is probably a carbon copy of hers!  I especially love her Polka dot word walls (I have like 3 different sets) but more importantly her math centers are the bomb!  My kiddos loved her 0-120 Charts and Activities math centers this week!

We also discovered a place value game on www.starfall.com  Even for Fun Friday it was the game of choice!

As for me.....this is how I will spend my weekend....
 Stretched out on the couch snoozing away with my kitty.  I NEED to get over this cough if I am going to tackle everything I need to accomplish in the last 2 weeks before Christmas break.  We will be heading out on our journey around the world exploring Christmas celebrations starting Monday and I need to be ready!  I hope you all have a relaxing and restful weekend!  See you Sunday for a little Peek at my Week!