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Five for Friday AND Unwrapping our Favorites: Favorite Gift


We had so much going on this week!  Plus I'm double dipping with the last Unwrapping your Favorites Linky because I participated all week (except yesterday.....dead computer!)  and I don't want to miss the last day! 
 I hope this is not a blogger no no......but I know posting twice in one day is!

#1  I started this week with this glorious sunrise on Monday morning.
 I took this as a sure sign that the week would be magical.  Unfortunately I did not notice that there was a full moon in the forecast!  I barely made it through the week friends!  These worksheets from All Students Can Shine really saved me during word work this week.  They loved them and they were SILENT while they were working.  They love getting to color with their markers!

#2  Even though it was a tough week I got so many little cute notes this week.  Here's an example of just how sweet my kiddos and their families are!
Do you think she thought I was being a Grinch?  I put lights on our Christmas tree to make it feel a little more "merry" in our room.  I do like Christmas sweetheart, I really do. 

Another sweet family gave me this with some balsamic vinegar and a baguette.
Does this mom get it or what?  (She's a teacher too!)

#3 Wednesday was my hubbies birthday.  We had a quiet celebration at home and devoured an entire chocolate cake.  
Just because we can. 

#4  Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday last week I had the perfect ornament to send home for little parent gifts.  I loved the simplicity of these little crafts and that it didn't take a lot of time away from class work.  I put their school picture on the back and they turned out so cute!  And they didn't cost me any money!  Woohoo!
Here they are all bagged up and ready to create.
And here is the finished project!  So fun!

#5 Unwrapping your holiday favorites: Favorite Gift
I participated in this linky all week.  It was really fun linking up with bloggers I'm familiar with and meet some new ones!   You can click on the button to get to the link. 
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Last day to unwrap some favorites!  Click on the button to link up!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Today starts my Christmas break so I guess now I can start getting ready for Christmas.  Not. Even. Kidding.  I do it every year, I guess I work better under pressure!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and enjoy your time off!