12 Days of Christmas Freebies

Mrs. Hudgeons is hosting a 12 days of Christmas Freebies on her blog tonight and I'm already excited about her money freebie.  It looks like a cute activity and a fun way to introduce/review money.  

I just posted this Freebie on my IG a few days ago so I thought I would start with that one.  I created some Christmas centers (started them today, they were so much fun!) and I made one of the games a freebie.  It's easy to prep, and you don't need anything but 2 dice to play. 

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I printed these on colored paper (because I have been banned from the color printer) and just used colored tiles for game pieces instead of the reindeer.  This made me a little sad because the thought of cute reindeer on the fun game board made me giddy.  If you can print in color it will look fabulous!

There are 5 different game boards and two different reindeer to use as game pieces.  

  My kiddos loved it just as much on blue paper though! 

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