Time Savers Linky Party

There's never enough time. Right?
I've heard that from a thousand different teachers and I say it all the time too.  I am not the most efficient person on earth but I do try to make things run smoothly in my classroom with a few of these little time savers.  

Lesson Planning: 
I got this idea from Life in First Grade and it helps me keep my week in check.  We use this at our whole group area to keep our question of the week at the forefront of our minds and as a reminder of what our focuses are for the week.  I never have to grab a new anchor chart or poster because it's all right there.  No matter what's going on in the room, I can ring the chime and the kiddos come back to the rug and I'm ready to teach!
I collect all our daily work and grade it (of course) but I have always struggled with how to hand it back.  It's a lot of papers!  Over the years I have come to love this system.  I file the papers away under each individual child's name and then staple them to a progress report at the end of each week.  It's all in one spot so if a parent comes in to help and I have a pile of papers to file I can hand them over!

Resource Storage: 
I have ALWAYS struggled with where to find and store stuff.  After doing all of our fun for the holidays I have to keep it somewhere.  A few years back I started stashing everything I needed for the holidays in under the bed boxes.  All the copies of activities, books, and lesson plans go in the bin and next year I don't have to waste time looking for it!

Weekly papers: 
Now this isn't cute at all, but it gets the job done.  When I took this picture I had to resist the urge to redo the folders to make it look better.  The key here is that I use this so that's why it looks this way!  I have a simple folder labeled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and I put all of the papers for that day inside.  I also have  homework folders in the back to store homework for the week.  The plan is that I will never have to waste time searching for a stack of papers but I will be honest, it still happens sometimes!
Small Group Lessons: 
I am getting better at this and I hope this week I will be even better!  For small groups I keep everything I need in this bin so I can just grab it and meet with them wherever I need to.  My small group table has turned into the iPad table so I am out of a home at the moment.  So I need to be mobile.  If you have everything you need for lessons all in one place you can get through small groups without wasting any time!
Keeping Track:
If the kiddos can do it independently, let them do it!  I became a little obsessed with this little craft project but it's 2 different time savers for me in my classroom.  I made the little gems with Modge Podge, kiddos pics, and those little glass gems you find in the silk flower section.

Attendance Board: 

And also to keep track of what centers have been completed for the week: 

Those are my time savers!  I still run around the classroom like crazy sometimes looking for something I set down and when I figure out how to solve that I will let you know!  I'm heading over now to blog hop through all the time saver ideas to see what else I can do to save a little time!

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