Peek at my Week! Pilgrim Freebie!

 After a long weekend of planning I am all set to share a peek at my week.  I am getting back into my groove teaching again.  I've had the pleasure of having a student teacher since the beginning of school.  She was actually one of my parents a few years back when her son was in my class so we already knew each other pretty well.  So basically she already knew I was a control freak, a little OCD (just a little bit), and that I get cranky sometimes.  Good thing too because she had to put up with me for 16 weeks!  It was HARD to give up control in my classroom and let her take over.  She did an amazing job and she is ready to spread her wings and fly!  I can't wait for her to have her own little class of littles and get started on the next step of her journey!

So back to my groove, Reading Street is going really well and I am learning more about this reading program every week.  I'm so glad someone told me early on to do what I could and not to try to fit it all in.  That would be IMPOSSIBLE!  However, I do feel like I figure out how to do a little more each week.  I have redesigned my favorite activity, Morning Language Review to match the Reading Street curriculum.  This is the morning work I do each day as soon as the kiddos get in the door.  You can click on the picture to see Unit 2 in my Tpt store.

 Now onto my plans:
I've played with my plans a little more this week. I'm attaching all the hyperlinks to the products I am using this week.  So no list this time, I hope it works!
 Lot's going on this week!  I am doing my regular routine in the morning with word work choices, read to self, and read to someone.  Writer's Workshop will be a little "sketchy" this week but I want to give them a chance to get back to their journals since we did a project last week.  Math will be more CGI problem solving strategies with students getting dismissed to math stations as they orally tell me their strategy, how they know, or explain their thinking.  
In the afternoon we will be starting the Interact Pilgrim unit.  I made a journal to go along with it today, I'm hoping it will help keep me on track!  Have your ever tried an Interact Simulation?  They are so much fun!  I'm including the journal for free here on Google. Stay tuned for lots of info on how it goes!

That's my week!  Does anyone else write up plans for a whole week and then realize you need to delete a whole day because we had a day off?  That.just.happened.  I had a lot of great stuff ready for Monday and then realized....we won't be there! Duh!

BTW....I'm loving my new blog design!  You should check out Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs if you are interested in sprucing up your digs.  She didn't ask me to say that either, I'm just that happy! 

I hope your short week is great!
Happy Teaching!