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Peek at my Week: Pilgrims Week, Building a Community

This week is all about building communities.  We are discussing community helpers in our Reading Street unit (Unit 2 Week 3: Who Works Here) and we just started a Interact Pilgrim Simulation last week.  We will be all about pilgrims this week making agreements (Mayflower Compact), building our settlement, and protecting one another.  It's going to be fun!

Here's a look at my visual plans: 

Here is a list of products I am using this week. (yes, links are still an issue)

Greater than/Less than by Mrs. Lemons (no link for this one, I can't find it on her page either.....I have no idea where this came from...not even sure it is "the" Mrs. Lemons, I found it on my computer as I was searching for units this weekend.  No cover page or credits page either.  Very strange.....maybe it was a freebie?)

AND...here is a link to my journal for the Interact units "Pilgrims".  This is totally free, it goes right along with the Interact unit, but if you aren't doing the simulation some of it might not make sense?  Journal pages would work for anyone discussing pilgrims though. :) 


That's it for the week.  The following week we have a super short week (just 2 days!) and I am going to do ALL of our little fun Thanksgiving crafts and activities and "STUFF".  I'm really looking forward to that too.  
One last thing.....I made a few little things this weekend.  The subtraction cards I'm using this week and this little word work activity: 
My kiddos love anything that says "cut" and "glue" in the directions!

Click on the pics to see on Tpt. 
Until next time...
Have a great week!