My Truth Monday

My truth Monday is all about Holiday disasters.  If you need some serious LOL time you need to check out this linky party.  Sunny Days in Second Grade's post seriously made my laugh.  I feel bad laughing at all of her holiday pain but I think she is laughing now too.  Link up to check out the other funny posts!

I really don't have any horrible holiday disasters.  The holiday that our family was struck down with the flu comes to mind but I will NOT be sharing those memories.  You can thank me now or later. Mostly my holidays are spent with family, the cooking is always fun and turns out (for the most part), and the CRAZY that is my family never disappoints.  I guess growing up in a big family makes me know that the unexpected is just part of the plan.  Those are the best days ever.

Thinking back on Thanksgiving past takes me back to the year I got my driver's permit.  My sister (as a "special" treat) took me out driving for a little extra practice with a stick shift.  We were on a long deserted dirt road out in the middle of no where.  According to her, I "broke"the truck.  Seriously, it just died.  We couldn't get it to turn over or anything so we started off walking home.  We didn't think we'd ever make it back home until a nice couple (who had been out fishing for the day) stopped and picked us up.  We were only a tiny bit scared to get in the car with them but we knew we'd never make it home at the rate we were walking.  By the time we got back to the house all of our relatives were gone and I think we must have been in trouble (although I don't remember so it must not have been that bad!).  The truck was in the shop for weeks because it was really broken.....although it was totally not my fault.

I hope your upcoming holidays are stress free, that you get to enjoy your family, and the food is AWESOME!  I'm drooling just thinking of sweet potato casserole and a little of my grandma's noodles on the side.  Forget the turkey, I'm all about the sides!