Helpful Hints
Today is all about helpful hints.  First off, don't reinvent the wheel!  Here is a post from earlier this year (August).  I'm that allowed?

Plan, plan, plan!  Whatever works best for you; online plans, typed up plans, or hand written plans.  Always have a plan for your week.  I ALWAYS overplan because it doesn't hurt anything if I miss something but if you are left without a plan (even for 5 minutes) it will ruin your entire day!
Here are my lesson plans from last week.  NO EMPTY SPACES!

It just feels good to have these sitting on my desk!

It may be tempting (after all that planning), but don't let the little moments pass you by.  It may be a thoughtful question from a student, a disagreement on the playground, or just that comment that makes you stop and think, "This is why I teach!".  This week these were my little moments: 

A little boy came up to me in the cafeteria as we were lining up to go back to class and he asked, "May I have a moment with my sister?" It made my heart swell, knowing he loved his sister enough to just go say hello to her.  She's in Kindergarten, and having her "big 1st grade" brother come say hi! was probably pretty cool!

One little girl who is SUPER quiet took a moment to tell me she didn't like how disrespectful her table had been that day.  She said she wished they would listen better.  I almost missed this moment, I had to wait for it, like I said....she is super quiet!

Leave the door open, be yourself, and love your kids.  Even on the days I want to pull my hair out and the schedule isn't working and the papers are piling up I simply just love these kiddos.  They make me laugh, they make me cry, and they teach me more about life every day.  This may sound super sappy, but that's the best tip I can give. 

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