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Five for Friday, WOOHOO!

Yes!  We made it!  It was a very full week in my neck of the woods but we made it through.  We got so much done and I can't believe we are well on our way to the end of the second quarter.  Just a 2 day week and then 3 more weeks!  Wow, I guess our plate is still pretty full!

We have been working on our Interact Pilgrims unit this week and I promised some details so here you go....Five for Friday style :) 



If you haven't heard of Interact, it is a company that sells lesson plans for social studies, science, math etc.  The lessons are set up as simulations so right now my students are pretending to be pilgrims and learning about history in the process.  This is one of the best community building/learning opportunities I have ever done with my students.  It only gets better each time I go through it and this year has been awesome.  Here is a little break down of our week. 

We began the week on the ship (a 6 x 3 area taped off on the floor to simulate living situations aboard the Mayflower).  
This group was trying to choose who would be leader, so they held a "holding your breath" contest.  So cute and so creative!  Some of the other groups argued and there were a few tears shed, but we came back together and had a great discussion about working together.   After a little more team building everyone had signed their Mayflower Compact and they were free to leave the ship.  They were so happy to leave that little space!  It was a great way to reflect on how the pilgrims must have felt!

After leaving the ship they had to build the settlement.  They worked together to build houses today.  Each student was in charge of a step.  Cutting out houses, cutting out the logs from trees, gluing the house together, coloring the thatched roof, and of course the lumberjack who retrieved all of our materials and threw away all of the garbage!

It was amazing to see that some groups could complete 9 houses in 15 minutes and others were only able to manage 2. It's all about working together!

Next week we get to meet the locals and learn a little about farming.  I can't wait to see how they manage this one!
 One of my kiddos wrote this about arriving in the New World this week.  "We have arrived Life is easy Now we have tools to farm food and other stuff".  I can't wait for him to realize it's not going to be so easy! 

My hubby stopped in today and was partners with one of my boys during our math practice.  He hasn't been able to stop by as much this year but my kiddos loved having him in the room today.  They like him so much more than me!  Probably because he's super fun and doesn't follow the rules.....like ever!

 This is very new for me.  We have had a dog for the past 13 years and had to put him down last December.  That was such a sad time for our family. I never thought we would let another pet into our lives (well atleast as long as the kids were home).  This little guy adopted us 2 weeks ago and has completely taken over our lives (in a good way).  He HATES my computer.  He would love to just sit on my lap and snooze all evening.  Every once in awhile he just pops over the top of the computer.  So cute right?

Last but not least.....we have 2 days next week and then it's family time!  My daughter called me to today from Indiana and she might come visit next week too!  Yay!  I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend time eating, rejoicing, and being thankful!  Happy Teaching!