Five for Friday: Short Week = Great Week


Awesome week!  4 days is so much better than 5!

We started an Interact unit this week.  
Have you heard of this company?  Click HERE to see their website. 
Basically, units are taught through simulations.  So if you are learning about Pilgrims (which we are) there are games and activities that students learn from.  Here is a little blurb from their website:

"Interact simulations are written by teachers for teachers, and are easy to use and modify to fit the needs of students and your curriculum. Each Interact unit includes a teacher's guide, purpose and overview, daily lesson plans, student materials, time management guidelines, and support materials. You are guided through each unit so that you feel confident the first time and every time you use one of our products."

I have taught the Pilgrims unit in 1st grade and also an Explorers unit in 5th.  They are fantastic!  We just got started yesterday and we will be working on this all next week.  I'm excited!
Here they are working on their first project together to earn their place on the Mayflower in their little colony of 5.  It's all about team building and cooperation!
      They were helping each other out because EVERYONE has to participate.  They were also whispering because they didn't want to give any answers away to their neighbors.  So lovely!

This week we had our Veteran's Day program (put on by 4th and 5th grade) on Tuesday.  After the program we talked about Veterans in class and wrote letters to thank them for their service.  One of my parents is going to help us get these out to soldiers over seas. 
I used the cute (and free) American Heroes unit from 
Mel D at Seusstastic.

This one is simple......I caught this little guy in my classroom Tuesday.  I have NEVER touched a lizard but I was brave enough to catch the little guy and let him go outside.  He has been a distraction for 2 weeks now and I had had enough!
Do you have wiggly students in your room?  I have many!  It always amazes me how easy it is for a first grader to just fall out of a chair......seriously!  Well one kiddo got too wiggly this week and fell out of her chair like 10 times by 9:00 a.m.!  I pulled this little gem out of the closet and gave it a try.  It worked wonders.  All of her wiggles are gone now because she has the freedom to rock a little back and forth AND get all her work done.  It's amazing!

Last but not least here is our new little addition at home.
 We rescued this cutie last weekend.  He/she (we still aren't sure!) has made our week a little more interesting.  The most interesting thing is that I have discovered my hubby really does like cats.  This guy/gal is his new little buddy!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I am looking forward to a little rest and relaxation and getting some things done at home.  I'm already all set for next week at school.....I don't have to go into my classroom this weekend.  What?  I know, crazy right?

Enjoy yours!