Five for Friday! Lots of Fun Friday Activiites!

Sooooooooooo HAPPY it's Friday!  It was a really great week and we got a lot accomplished so I'm pumped to share for Five for Friday!

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We went through full math stations this week and I successfully (in my eyes) implemented CGI problem solving strategies all week.  My kiddos are talking about their math strategies and explaining their thinking.  I'm super happy with their progress!  Here are a few pics from math stations.  They loved the games this week!
 If you would like to check them out click HERE to see my Fall Football Math Stations in my Tpt Store!

This is random.....but this has been a problem this week!

It is really hard to get a class of first graders to focus when there is a lizard hanging out in the light fixture!  This happened on Tuesday, and my super helpful custodian came in and got it out.  The little guy reappeared today!  (I realize it's probably not the same lizard).  We decided as a class we would just leave him this time because he probably is looking for somewhere warm to live.  I hope he's gone by next Tuesday!

Lion's Club comes in every year and gives the first graders little flags and does a mini lesson on what the flag represents for Veteran's Day.  I love having them come into my room each year!

Fun Friday Centers were a big hit today and I got all of my Progress Monitoring done.  My kiddos are doing great!  I love being able to conference about their progress!
Here are a few centers we had going today :)

Last but not you see my super blank page?  I have "designed" my blog the last year and a few months using free templates from LeeLou blogs.  I SUPER appreciate her awesome free designs but she has moved on and is now charging for blog design.  Needing to pay for my template, I went shopping and I am really excited to be getting a new design from A Bird in the Hand Designs.   Megan has been REALLY easy to work with and replies back to me super fast.  I'm excited to see my new blog post in the next few days or weeks.  Until then, please excuse my boring page, it will be awesome soon!

My new design is up!  Do you like it?  I love it!

Have an awesome next week, I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for November and Veteran's Day!  
Happy Teaching!
Heather :)