Currently November: So thankful!

It's time for November CURRENTLY from 

November really snuck up on me!  I know I say that every month but this time I mean it. 

Here you go: 
 Listening: The Breeder's Cup Classic on TV.  My horse lost.  We all picked a number and then cheer for our horse.  This is why I don't bet on the horses.
Loving:  I LOVE November!  It gets nice and cool here in the southwest and we can actually start wearing long sleeves.  I love spending Thanksgiving at my Uncle's house and cooking dinner with my mom.  I love November!
Thinking: This is the first weekend this school year that I have no UMPH to plan out my week.  Maybe tomorrow right?
Wanting: I have a theme running here...I have no UMPH.  It could be because I just spent 2 days listening to lectures about leadership and they sucked all the UMPH out of me!  I want someone to do all my chores so I can take a nap!
Needing:   Energy....nuff said.
A Yummy Pin:  Now this is a question that is easy peasy for me to answer.  I love pinning yummy food!

I just made this last week and the whole family loved it.  It's finally soup season!

Have a wonderful November!
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Happy Teaching!