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SLANT box reveal and a major CATCH UP post!

 I have 3....count them.....3 posts started on my blog that I have not finished.  It's not that I didn't have the energy it was just that I didn't have much to say.  For those of you that know me I'm sure you are laughing right now. But really.....I'm a blank slate. 

Fall Break is upon us though and it's time to catch up and suddenly I'm full of ideas.  First off, I didn't do my SLANT box reveal!  I shared on Instagram (aka my new blog) but never here so here we go!

My partner (that I mailed to) was Olwyn in Canada!  Believe it or not friends this was the first time I ever mailed "internationally".  It was HARD!  I made 3 trips to the post office before I got it right.  Not because I'm stupid but just because I didn't want to spend $45 bucks to mail it.  I repacked it in the right box to get a better rate and finally got it mailed out!  DON'T use the "if it fits it ships" boxes at the Post Office if you want to send out of the country!

My partner (that mailed to me) was the sweet Ms. Dennis.  I've gotten to know her through Instagram and I love following her there.  Her posts make me smile.  Even more than that was her awesome SLANT box shipped and delivered to me on a very drab Monday.  What a surprise to find this on my doorstep after a long day!

First off...she nailed it!  She must have taken notes while reading my blog and stalking me on Instagram (which I don't mind at all).  I was so impressed with her thoughtfulness.  She thought of everything!  Secondly, it was wrapped up just like Christmas morning and I am giddy just thinking of the joy of opening each little package.  Here's a few pics...

 Chevron everything which is what really makes life worth living right?   Cute folders, a notebook for staff meetings, grading pencil (awesome by the way....), pencils she loves using for running records (and my new fav), AWESOME binder clips labeled to read, to file, to copy.....I'm going to be so organized!, thank you notes with my "L", behavior charts (totally needed right now!), writing paper, and a chevron bag I am now using as my lunch bag!  So many goodies and I loved them all.  Right in the middle of the pic is a big "L"to hang on my door.  I love, love, love it!
Last but not least....a Tervis cup!  It made it's way right to my desk!
This was such a fun exchange.  I'm so glad I participated and got to know my partners.  Our little bloggy world is so much fun!

A little more catch up before I turn in for the night.  After a long morning at a swim meet (the weather was great!) I came home to find out Tpt had hit 100,000 followers on FB and was celebrating with a sale!  Well that was just the motivation I needed to finish my Halloween math centers!

Thanks to Journey of a Substitute Teacher for the cute pic! 

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