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Peek at my Week!

Shhhhh....I'm breaking a big blogging rule and I know it!  Never ever post twice in one day but honestly, I have to get these in while I have the time.  Sunday seems to be my only time I get to enjoy my blogging addiction :)

Peek at my Week is quickly becoming one of my favorite linky parties in large part because it has me stretching my brain and my skills learning new things.  I love it!  Today I will be attempting to link to my Google doc for the very first time.  Yes, I'm nervous, can you tell?

I still don't know how to make my links stay when I convert from a PP to a PDF.....didn't even know that was an issue until I read someone else's post a week or so ago.  I've been spending a ton of time inserting links and I guess they aren't sticking?  If you have any info on this please share!  All I know is there is a program, and a tutorial, and some information to convert and keep the links but that's just all too much for me right now.  I'm sticking with writing my list :)

Here are my visual plans for this week broken down into subject area.  A list of products I am using this week will follow each page.You can click on the pic to see this in Google docs. 
 I think.......
Morning Work:  
No link for this one yet!  I'm still creating this as I go (to match Reading Street) but I have a similar morning work that I used last year available in my store.
   Click on the pic to check it out.  It's an entire year of morning work (1st grade) for $8.50.  That's less than a workbook! (Which I own plenty of....oh the money I wasted when I was a new teacher!)

Word Work: 

Ummmmm....NEW Ipads!  I'm going to post all about them later next week.  They just came in on Friday and I am OVER THE MOON about it!  1st grade got 12, so I get 4 in my room.  Hoping for 2 more soon through some grants I applied for.  FINGERS CROSSED!  We will be working on LEXIA on the Ipads as part of our morning work.

Writer's Workshop:  
Quick Write from:

Lots of fun activities in math this week!
Number Line Scoot by Anna Brantley this one is FREE!  She has an awesome 0-120 pack too that is on my wish list!
Roll it, Make it, Expand it! by Rebecca Anderton  another Freebie I found that looks like so much fun!  Very well put together as well!
And last but not least 2 games from my Trick or Treat Math Stations.  After all it is Halloween next week!

That's my week!  It's a big week at our school.  We are an International Baccalaureate candidate school and this week is our authorization review week.  We are totally ready!  I know we are!  Still a little nervous though!

Link up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to check out some awesome plans from some pretty cool bloggers. There are a lot of fun Halloween posts for this week! 

Hope your week is bright, beautiful, and full of fun!  I plan on having a good one!
Happy Teaching!