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Peek at my Week: Reading Street...Daily 5 Style!

This is my first time linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for her Peek at my Week Linky.  
I had so much to say today because
starting a new series is hard work ya'll!  Our district just adopted Reading Street and I have worked non stop for the past two weeks trying to figure this whole thing out in preparation of starting Unit 1 Monday (I didn't do Unit R).  Phew, I'm exhausted, but I think I have a plan in place.

Here's the plan, Stan!

Morning Work

Click pic for a link to my store.  The first week is free in the preview. 

Ok....I am not giving this up.  First off I worked too hard on it to just throw it away and second I think it is valuable.  It gets my kiddos in the door, straight to their seats and working right away.  They actually seem excited to do it too!  I am keeping this in my plans but cutting it a little short.  I used to give my kids from 8:00-8:30 to complete this (they go to word work if they finish early) but now they will have from 8:00-8:15.

Word Work Centers/ Listen to Reading
8:15-8:30 (probably more like 8:40)
I found this fabulous set by Look Who's in First Grade that has plenty of centers to get me going.  This week I am making 4 centers available to choose from and a listening station.  Students will complete a different center each day. 
Click on the pic to link to her store.  These are amazing and she has one for every Reading Street Unit!  I thought I was going to have to make all of this!

 Phonics Word Sort (short a/short e)
Quick Write: What does an animal do when it plays?
Make a Sentence
Short A Highlights  (from Life in First Grade)

I started the year out getting my kiddos into the Daily 5 routine.  So this will be a seamless transition as we start using the series.  I'm just sneaking it in and they will never know the difference!

Read to Self
I'm keeping with my regular schedule of Read to Self.  Now my mini lessons will be from Reading Street and this week the comprehension focus is Character and Setting (we will add this to our CAFE wall) and the Phonics skill is short a and the -ck blend.  I have the decodables from the series ready to hand out as an extra practice during Daily 5.  I actually experimented a bit with this last week and the kids loved having the extra books in their book boxes to practice with.  ESPECIALLY the kiddos that need decodable words to practice with!

I also found a few things from Leslie Ann at Life in First Grade to organize my lessons.  I am using her Comprehension Posters and Comprehension Response Sheets

Her Reading Street posts on her blog have really helped me as I start this new adventure.  I couldn't even begin to wrap my brain around this until I read through her blog.

This will be the time I will meet with my small groups.  I have my kiddos set up in the following groups: 
Group 1: Low
Group 2: On Track
Group 3: On Track
Group 4: High

Read to Someone
I introduced Read to Someone after we had a good handle on Read to Self.  My kiddos love it!  We have used this to introduce ideas like "Check for Understanding" and teaching them about fluency.  Now we are using this time as our "6 Minute Fluency" practice.  6 Minute Fluency is a program that I was introduced to years ago through our district.  It gives kiddos practice reading (and rereading) the same passage all week long with a partner and on their own as their partner listens for accuracy.  It looks like this with my kiddos:
2 minutes: Partners read together
1 minute: Reader #1 reads passage, Reader #2 offers support
1 minute:  Reader #2 reads passage, Reader #1 offers support

With a minute to get set up and a minute to come back together it should all be able to done in 6 minutes.  Yeah right!  It only takes us about 10 minutes though.  Students circle where they got to each day so they can track their own progress throughout the week.  They love seeing that they got further each day!  Students are paired up by me, and they read a passage on their own level.  I am using the Fresh Reads for Fluency from Reading Street and the Advanced Selection for my kiddos this week.  

Writer's Workshop (Work on Writing)
I'm NOT giving up Writer's Workshop.  It is the best thing I do for my kiddos in a day and it's their favorite part of the day.  My plan is to use the skills covered in Reading Street in my Writer's Workshop mini lessons each day.  This week the focus is all about sentences so my Writer's Workshop mini lessons will be: 
Writer's use a noun and a verb in every sentence. 
Writer's use interesting verbs to describe action.
We will focus on these for a day or two each, depending on what my students need. 

Of course all of my writing examples will be focused on caring for pets, responsibility, and needs to stick with Question of the Week, What do pets need? 
My time is getting scrunched during Writer's Workshop.  To fix that I am drawing my picture and writing SOME of my story before we sit down.  I am having the students finish the story with me to focus on the skill for the day.

Here's what it looks like on my plans:

That's my morning and 90 minute block!  It should only take me about 2 and half hours to do it all!  I want everything to go perfect this week so I can set up a good model for my student teacher.  She will be taking over the morning block soon and I want to get the routines in place before I hand this puppy over!  Do you teach from Reading Street?  How do you set up your day and do you have any "MUST DO's" to share?  I would love to hear about it!

Happy Teaching!