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Peek at my Week! Late Sunday night planning!

It's Sunday, so I'm sitting at the dining room table planning away.  I hear my husband's slightly annoyed sigh as he walks by my mess.  I know he just misses me in the living room watching the season premiere of Amazing Race, but alas, here I sit. 

You can take a peek at everyone's week over at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

9 weeks in and you'd think I'd have this down but Reading Street is kicking my...well, you know.  There is just SO MUCH!  I'm trying to only include what I can fit and what my kiddos need.  So here we go: 

Word Work
I am sticking with Word Work stations from  
and a few ideas from  
These ladies have made my life SO MUCH EASIER! 
Here is a little preview of centers: 
Listen to reading, build a sentence, highlight the word

I also made rainbow write (using high frequency words for the week) available as well as a phonics cut, sort, and glue activity.

The kiddos will only have 4 rotations this week but that's ok because they have done these all before and they have had plenty of practice.  We will switch them up next week. 

Read to Self
These kiddos HAVE IT!  We are cruising along at 20 minutes of read to self time and conferences are starting up.  They are so eager to read outloud to an adult, Daily 5 is a wonderful thing.  Those face to face conferences with students make the biggest impact of all. 

Read to Someone
We are continuing 6 minute fluency during Read to Someone time.  Students use a passage that is on their level and read with a partner that is also on their level.  They read together for 2 minutes, then take turns reading 1 minute each.  Our focus is building fluency by rereading familiar text.  I know, I know, this is not how Read to Someone should look but we do still use the traditional D5 RTS time in our room for other things.  I just feel this daily fluency practice is so important.  We need to be able to read 47 words per minute by May....yikes!

Work on Writing (Writer's Workshop)
We do Writer's Workshop every day in our room and the kiddos will tell you it's because "Writer's Write Everyday!"  That could be the theme for our year!  This week we are focusing on parts of a sentence. 

I don't know!  No seriously, I do know but I have turned this one over to my student teacher.  She is planning out the math lessons from Investigations.  I wonder if she is sitting at her dining room table right now too? 

We are studying animals and how animals and people help each other in our Reading Street unit so in Science we are pulling in more about animals and starting a little first grade research.  This week we are learning about animal habitats and using our Interactive First Grade Journals.  These are a total experiment on my part. I want to use a journal I can use for reading/science/social studies as we work through our IB units and  I've been intrigued by the Interactive Journals I have seen online and wanted to try it myself.  I'm piecing it together one lesson at a time.
I do have a cover though....
 This is all I have created so far....the rest is in bits and pieces!

Here are my plans.  I love the feeling of having plans out on my desk and how bright and pertiful they are.  It helps me breath. 

Notice the big hole where math should go...I'll fill that in tomorrow!        
There's my week in a nut shell, and nutty it probably will be!

Hope your week is all set to go and you have a great one!
Happy Teaching,