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Monday Made It! I've been waiting for this!

So I got a little spoiled with Monday Made Its all summer long.  I was super excited when I finally made something and went to post it last Monday.  Guess what?  No Monday Made It!  It took a little digging but I found out that during the regular school year Monday Made It only happens on the second Monday of the month.  Who knew?  Well....ok.....so maybe you did but I did not.  I'm new, that's my excuse!

So if you are new too maybe that will help a little.  Here is your link up to participate with 4th Grade Frolics!

  Here is my project that took me forever to put together!

Monday Made It #1

Attendance Chart:
I am sooooo tired of interrupting morning work to take attendance and ask who is eating lunch in the cafeteria or lunch from home.  I'm hoping to train my kiddos tomorrow and get them into a routine so I don't have to ask :)
The little "gems" are my kiddos faces.  I made magnets using the glass pieces with a little modge podge and a magnet on the back.  If you follow me on IG...sorry, I shared this last week!  My hope is when they come in they can find their darling little face and choose Cafeteria lunch or Home lunch.  (HOPEFULLY) this will be simple!

Monday Made It #2
DIBELS Goal Chart
 I need a way for my kiddos to be motivated to move up in DIBELS.  I decided a clip chart was the way to go.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't agree with public displays of achievement.  However, I needed a way to motivate my kiddos to be focused on our year end goals.  I put it in a semi-private place in the classroom so it is personal.  Just our classroom family is involved in this process. :) 

Here is a link to the chart in my store: 

I am a HUGE believer in letting your kiddos know what their goals are.  If we have it in front of us all year long they know what they need to do!  I progress monitor each week so there is never any question in where we are or where we need to be! 

Monday Made It #3....seriously?
Ok, I already posted this yesterday, but after a little interest on IG I thought I would post it tonight too.  It's free, so that's always good right!  We have been in school 5 weeks (already?) and it is time for Parent/Teacher conferences.  Here are some forms that might help you out.  Especially if you use DIBELS and you teach 1st grade.  Even if you don't there are reminder notes that might be helpful to you!

 That's my Monday Made It!  I've been waiting for this one and so happy it's finally here!  I can't wait to go check out all the other blogs and get inspired.  I can't tell you how many times people come into my classroom and are impressed by my creativity that really has nothing to do with me.  I'm a total thief!  I steal ideas from all these wonderful teachers that blog about them.  So thank you ladies (and a few gentlemen) for inspiring me to make my classroom learning environment the BEST EVER!

Happy Teaching!