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Five for Friday.....the late Saturday edition!


I know it's Saturday night, but I really do have a great excuse this time!  I just finished 2 days of professional development and this is the first chance I have had to sit down!

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Speaking of Professional Development!


Friday & Saturday.....Balanced Leadership

 I  really overdid it on the meetings this week!  I am a PD nerd though, so it was a great week.

Daily 5 Word Work Choices
My Daily 5 is merging with Reading Street.  As part of this "new to me" reading series I have word work centers to include and a listening station.  I included 4 centers and 1 listening station for the kiddos to work through each day. To keep track of their choices I made these little gems with the numbers 1-4 and "Listen to Reading" on them.  When students choose a center they take a gem and put it next to their name.  This worked pretty well this week!  We have a few wrinkles to iron out but I think this will help them remember what they have already completed.  Remembering is so hard!

 Math Stations.....Tenmarks
We have been working through Math Stations each week and this always includes a computer station.  I started using Tenmarks (www.tenmarks.com) last Spring.  My kiddos loved it and they were completely engaged in problem solving the whole time!  LOVE!  I wanted to start it up right away and I did, but after this week I think we will take a step back from this until I work out a few bugs.  Technology has not been my friend this week!  Updated sites and outdated computers do not mix!

Last weekend I got to spend the day with my sister doing a highway clean up on my nephew's memorial mile.  It was a beautiful day.
I'm beat!  I don't even have 5 things for Friday!  Most of my week was spent sitting and listening to other people talk so I have a renewed understanding of why our kiddos gets so fidgity!

That's Five for Friday.....it will already be time for scheduling Sunday tomorrow and then the weekend is over!  Don't let it slip away friends!

Happy Teaching!